Brazilian Superior Head to Head over Germany

headtoheadjerbraisiIn addition to the status of the host, Brazil is more okay to have a stock boost of confidence to face the 2014 World Cup semi-final. Seleção win more often than German.

Step by step, Brazil reached the semi-finals. In the last four, the teams ‘Samba’ Die Mannschaft will encounter at the Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte on Tuesday (07/08/2014) evening hrs reported by .

Brazil can not lose complete squad. The main pillars of Neymar and Thiago Silva captain absent. Neymar Silva injured while exposed to accumulated cards.


Conditions that make betting house William Hill favor Germany is going to be the winner even through a fierce fight. But, judging by the two teams meeting in history, Brazil still has a winning record longer.

Reuters noted the teams ‘Samba’ makes 12 wins from 21 meetings. Germany only won four times. Five other games finished with a draw.

How about just meeting at the World Cup? History records that Brazil never beat Germany in the World Cup final 12 years ago. Playing in Yokohama, Japan on June 30, 2002 Brazil won 2-0.

The meeting is also recorded in the Confederations Cup Brazil was superior to the German. One of them even made ​​when Germany host the games in 2005, Germany aground Brazil 2-3 in Nurenberg. Six years earlier defeated Germany 0-4 in the same tournament rolling in Guadalajara, Mexico.

If both teams listened journey in the World Cup 2014 is identical. Of the five games that acted, Brazil and Germany each had 10 goals.

They also make prsentase recorded shots on the same target, 70 per cent. But Brazil make on average higher chances perpertandingan with 16.4 while Germany 14.8.

So far, Brazil makes more frequent violations dibadingkan Germany. A total of 10 yellow cards while the Selecao bagged Joachim Loew made ​​a new team has four yellow cards

There are Unique in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

world_cup_20142014 World Cup took place in Brazil’s South American zone presents some surprises and unique things. Start of keprematuran elimination seeded teams even the World Champion Spain, Italy, Portugal, England. It’s disappointing because the winning team is knocked out first, but it turns out that the team is very proud of the non-seed capable of leading a team coached like Costa Rica for example. True that there is a saying that the ball is round and questions the strength of the team can not only be seen from the track record through a piece of paper and then compared. Factors affecting the ball in a game there is the presence of a spirit that had been buried and at a very precise moment of this World Cup as they put all of his can compete to reach the target or maybe even more than that already announced.

Games match between the Netherlands contra Mexico last night was very exciting. Where a team like the Netherlands almost eliminated from the competition within the competition time set aside just 3 minutes late. Originally Netherlands conceded first at minute 48 through Mexican striker Dos Santos. Until the 87th minute then the Dutch were able to equalize through Wesley Sneijder kicks. The match became more exciting after the goal from Sneijder, seen that expression of disappointment from players who regretted Mexico have conceded in the crucial minutes. Though they were able to stay a little longer to get rid of a strong candidate Netherlands in the World Cup this time. However, whatever the power of Mexico, tub is a saying already falling down the stairs anyway, because the captain Rafael Marquez offense against Arjen Robben in the penalty box led to a penalty kick for the Dutch. And Huntelaar netted success by executing the penalty ball into the goal of Mexico. Tragic indeed ….! but it is just the game and it is football. I appreciate all the Mexican team.

Well there is a weird thing in the Netherlands last night’s game contra Mexico. It’s weird just happened the first time in this World Cup in the history of this competition rolling. I am watching and lovers balls felt surprised, as the referee blew the whistle gave a pause break “cooling break” for both teams in the first half 30 minutes and 75 minutes of the second half. This is because the weather of the stadium Estadio Castelao, Fortaleza, Brazil is very hot and high humidity forced organizers FIFA to provide the facility cooling break for both teams. It is necessary to maintain the stamina of the players who are doing the game. The referee gives a cooling time for this break in less than 3 minutes. I see that not only the players, exhausted from the hot weather and high humidity but also offisial and the referee for a moment, too, downing drinks to refresh their thirst.

Well, whatever the FIFA decision in this case beneficial to both parties and I do not think it’s a good problem once given the tropical climate in Brazil. The more curious events will be especially interesting yes of Brazil’s 2014 World Cup …? I still hope that in the final game Brazil was the host Dutch counter. hahaha … Keep waged spirit of World Cup 2014!!!

Your Kids Watch “The Fault in Our Stars”? Carefully adult scene

download (4)I do not live in a big city. I live in a relatively quiet district; including entertainment deserted. Every now and then I crossed the bay to the city of Balikpapan in search of entertainment.

Interested in the movie “The Fault in Our Stars” who promoted a friend, I decided to watch the film. Among the crowd of people waiting in line to buy tickets for most of the Transformers movie, only few choose to watch a movie as I choose.

In short, then the movie starts playing. The film tells the love story of a young couple who have cancer. I like the emotional story. I hope this story line with my expectations. However, it turns out there is something unexpected that I saw on a movie screen.

There is a scene when it’s hot where a pair of boyfriend making out too far (according to Indonesian boundaries generally) in front of the car. Whereas in the cinema when it seems like a lot of teenagers are still junior-high school. In my opinion, these scenes are not suitable for their age.

After that, there was a hot scene in bed, which is though the image is taken from the back side, but still, it seems less appropriate. Actually, not one of the children’s junior-high school. They do not infiltrate to watch movies that are not in accordance with their age category. Because, in the schedule of the film in the cinema, the film is labeled “R” or “Teen”.

Speaking of pornographic appropriate age is not a simple thing. Readers certainly a lot of gentlemen who will then question what the definition and criteria of pornography, and some will say that this is a very subjective thing. Yes, I really appreciate the views that may be different.

However, think of it like this: The Readers gentlemen are a father or mother. Would you let your child (for example) is a class 1 junior (class VII) watched the scene?

Hopefully someday the film editing can be better, so we can all watch good films according to age category. But, it is better if one day there will be more drama in Indonesia with innovative story (not easily predictable the ending) that will be perched on the schedule of the film in our cinemas favorite.

How HIV AIDS Treatment

download (3)STIs or Sexually Transmitted Infections are the topics we discussed in previous articles. Article at the end of this July, we want to talk about how the treatment of HIV-AIDS yes, readers 🙂

As we already know, HIV-AIDS can not be cured. Because HIV-AIDS is a virus that attacks the white blood cells in the body (lymphocytes) resulting decline in the human immune. Then of HIV infection, the immune-infected patients will decrease, therefore the development of HIV infection is called AIDS.

It’s clear sad fact for people with HIV-AIDS is no medicine that can cure this disease, or even eradicate the virus-AIDS HIV virus in the body of a patient. Until now, the medical things that can be done is enhance the immune system of the sufferer, and tried to suppress the reproductive rate of HIV AIDS in the tubung the sufferer. Therefore, by increasing the immune system of HIV patients with AIDS and suppress the progression of the virus reproduction rate, is expected to extend the life of people with HIV-AIDS.

Treatment of HIV-AIDS sufferers not only in medical terms, but also in the form of support to the sufferer. Such as moral support, prevention and treatment of opportunistic infections and antiretroviral treatment.

ARV or antiretroviral treatment may sound a little strange to our ears. In barisberikut we will explain what it is ARV or antiretroviral treatment. ARV treatment or antiretroviral drugs that can stop the reproduction of HIV in the body. Damage to the immune or immune a HIV AIDS can be delayed for many years and in that time span long enough so that people infected with HIV can prevent AIDS. With a record of when the medication is working effectively.

Cases of people infected with the HIV virus several years is very high, therefore ARV or antiretroviral treatment has an important role in creating a healthy community through AIDS prevention strategy that combines prevention with efforts to care, support and treatment.

ARV or antiretroviral treatment can reduce mortality and improve quality of life for people infected with HIV, as well as increasing the life expectancy for a healthier society, the ARV treatment is therefore the most important drugs for people with HIV.
We hope our article at the end of June this can benefit the well Kompasiana loyal readers, and increase your knowledge about HIV AIDS. HIV AIDS treatment process useful, we have developed from

Hopefully by reading this, can open up our minds that the HIV-AIDS sufferers was entitled to the equivalent of our life, the same life, as well as maintaining the quality of life, as we do in everyday life. Rumors that people infected with HIV are already beyond help is just a myth. Due to the antiretroviral treatment of HIV-infected person still has a longer life expectancy.

Benefits of Mobile or Gadget presence Society of Minorities Especially Children

download (2)Developments in technology today is more advanced. Unlike the old days, mobile phones have been just a handful of people who have it. Never mind the phone, public phone or home phone are still rarely found. Only a communication tool to send a letter or telegram. The development of technology for communication is now thriving.

Almost everyone has used or has mobile phones, ranging from children, teens, adults and even the elderly have also been used. This communication tool is very useful for our lives. Consumer very easily and widely used by many people to communicate with each other, for example, ask how, for business purposes or for the purpose of learning.

The development of mobile phones are also now very advanced, many features available in the phone. Such features make it easier to communicate.
In addition to communication, mobile phones are also used as a file storage container. The existence of social media and games are highly variable makes a person forget his duty. For example, if the children have known social media or games they will try to use it and will cause dependency. They will become lazy, will forget the time to learn, to worship, to help their parents and also other obligations as a child or adolescent. The term gadget now has a familiar one.

This gadget is very useful for education, for example, but on the other hand a lot of negatives, such as the reliance on the games or social media would take a lot of time. Steps taken by parents in an effort to prevent children’s dependence on the existence of the gadget is to control the activities performed by the children or by placing time limits the use of these gadgets to children. Another step is to provide useful software applications and games are limited so that they do not always use it just to play games.